7 unexpected ways your body betrays you in yoga class

We are not talking about the usual ways that your body betrays you in yoga class. Your lack of flexibility, strength or stamina are not the issues here. The 7 unexpected ways that you get betrayed by your body are: 3 from your skin: body odour wearing scents body lotion And 4 from escaping fluids: […]

What to do when you need to pee during yoga class

Alice is distracted and unable to focus on her yoga practice. Her brow is sweating and it is not because of the yoga poses that she has been doing. She is distracted and sweating because the next yoga pose is Marichyasana C. Normally Alice loves twisting poses like Marichyasana C but tonight is different. Tonight […]

What to do with a runny nose in yoga class

“Oh shoot!” thinks Alice “I was hoping to avoid this problem.” Alice’s nose is starting to drip. She has sniffed it a couple of times. Alice has a slight allergy problem today. It happens a lot this time of year. Her nose was stuffy and running earlier today. Alice knows that a yoga practice helps […]