Margaret d’Entremont

It is with great sadness that I am writing to tell you about the passing of our oldest member and dear friend, Margaret d’Entremont. She died at home early Monday morning September 6, 2015 due to a fall.  She was born in 1927 and was about to turn 89 years old. Margaret and many of […]

Recovery from serious car accident

In 2005 I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, injuring my back, neck and left hip. After months of physio and almost 3 years of chiropractic care my injury was still giving me sleepless nights, terrible headaches and chronic back pain. I saw an ad in the paper for gentle yoga and with […]

Avoid being a bobble head in Shoulder stand

The bobble head doll’s head was shaking all over the place. Up and down, side to side, left and right it went. It never stopped moving. Alice’s yoga teacher told her she should never be a Bobble Headed Doll in Shoulder stand. Moving your head one way is excellent, but the rest of the movements […]

How to talk during yoga class

“There she goes again!” Alice says to herself. The new lady in class has another comment to make about the most recent yoga pose. “This is getting really annoying. Last week she was going on and on about a YouTube video. She is destroying my concentration.” There is a right time and a wrong time […]