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At Sunrise Yoga we have a three part program that introduces you to yoga and starts you on the path of transforming yourself by increasing your flexibility, reducing your stress and improving your overall health.

The three parts of this program are:

  1. Introduction to Yoga
  2. A brief yoga practice
  3. First month of unlimited yoga

We start with an introduction to the yoga studio and to yoga in general.

Aevrill MacInnis

Averill MacInnis

I haven’t had a cold in 3 years

“I thought that Sunrise Yoga would be an alternative to a gym environment. It is that and so much more. It has improved my state of mind. I’m more thoughtful, I have better coping abilities and I have more patience with people.”

“There are classes at Sunrise Yoga to suit everyone. Stephanie keeps the classes interesting. She tells you why poses help you as well as other interesting facts about alternative wellness.”

“As a result of attending classes at Sunrise Yoga, I am healthier, more flexible, I have better concentration and I haven’t had a cold in almost 3 years!”

 1 – Introduction to Yoga

First off all we help you to become more comfortable with the yoga studio by giving you a brief tour. You will learn where the bathrooms are, our two practice spaces, how to sign in for classes, where to put your shoes, what to do with your purse and many other things.

Next you learn more about yoga. The many different styles of yoga and the ones that are taught at Sunrise Yoga.

Following this overview of yoga you learn some yoga etiquette.

  • What kind of clothes should you wear,
  • Should you chew gum during class.
  • Can you eat before class.

Once you have completed the Introduction to yoga session you move on to the core of the Getting Started with Yoga course, a brief yoga practice.

I feel better!

Hugh dEntremont

Hugh d’Entremont

Jack, in your brochure you promise an increase in flexibility and a reduction in stress and weight.
I am happy to tell you that it works as promised. It has been just over six months since I began a regular and frequent Ashtanga yoga practice.

When I wandered into Sunrise Yoga I had no idea what I was going to experience. I was sure it had to beat the way I looked, felt and moved. I have multiple chemical sensitivity, (it used to be called Environmental Illness), and was in the middle of a series of Intravenous Treatments and receiving regular acupuncture treatments and massage therapy.

I have definitely had success with my weight and flexibility and my ability to handle stress.

In addition to the first three benefits my energy level is greatly increased, I am stronger and the due to the detoxifying nature of yoga the problems associated with my Multiple Chemical Sensitivity problems are reduced to less than half.

I am now at the point where missing my practice upsets me because I truly enjoy the physical practice that much. I also have to compliment the teaching staff at the studio, they are patient and approach their work with good humour making Sunrise a very friendly place to be. I tell everyone I know I feel well because of yoga.

 2 – Your first yoga practice

We have several classes in our schedule that are for people new to yoga.   In each of these classes your teacher demonstrates the pose and guides you through each of them.

Do not be discouraged if you can not do the pose as well as the teacher or the person next you. Each of you is getting the same benefit from the pose regardless of how well or poorly you are doing it.

Your teacher may come and help you get into the pose or recommend a modification or even a replacement pose that works better with your current flexibility.

Once you complete your first yoga practice it is time to get setup with your one month of unlimited yoga.

Performing better on the job

Laura Lee Smith

Laura Lee Smith

“About a year ago I decided to take up yoga because I had injury after injury from running and soccer. I have a physically demanding job as a letter carrier and a challenging route. I needed to stay sound. I wasn’t thrilled about changing my lifestyle and the possible weight gain that would result from that change. I thought that I would do something that would help heal my body.”

“I tried two other beginner yoga sessions and finally came to Sunrise. I was so happy to find Jack’s Ashtanga class because he whooped my butt!”

“Now I feel I have found something that will keep me strong, fit, and healthy. It has also helped to strengthen my injuries. I am performing better on the job without the constant fear of re-injury.”

“I struggle with the binding poses, but since I intend to practice as long as possible, I’m confident it will improve with time.”

Laura Lee Smith

3 – First month of unlimited yoga

After you complete your brief yoga practice your teacher will recommend two beginner classes that are right for your based on your current ability, your goals and the days that you are available.

To get the most benefit from your yoga practice you need to come at least twice a week and you get even more benefit if it is the same two nights in the week.

Once you have your beginner classes selected it is time to commit to your transformation by paying for your first month of classes.

 The Cost

The New to Yoga session costs $49 which includes your First Month of unlimited yoga at Sunrise Yoga.  You will be able to attend any of the classes in our schedule in addition to the classes that you and your teacher already selected for 30 days.

Once you have completed the first month unlimited automatically converts to our six month unlimited program with a cost of $120 / month.

At anytime during your first month you decide that yoga is not for you, all you need to do is send us an email at least 5 days before the end of your first month telling us to stop your program.


Call the studio at 902-404-9642 to make an appointment for your first yoga class.  We have a variety of beginner classes available on different days.  During your call we will determine the night that is best for you and the class that is the best fit for your current fitness level.

Click the button below to complete the online registration form and then give us a call at 902-404-9642 to book your first class.

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