Zen Wellness lectures

Zen Wellness is the organization that I earned by 200 hour Masters Path Medical Qi Gong certification from.  These lectures are made available to the public.  There is a much larger number of lectures available as part of the 200 hour Masters Path certification. Most of these lectures are an hour or more in length.

Lesson One Stimulate your Chi

Lesson 2 – Regulate your Chi

Lesson 3 – How to live the Chi Fit lifestyle

Shake the nine gates

Standing on a boat

Chi Fit Introduction

Zen Wellness Qi Fit Welcome

Posted by Zen Wellness on Saturday, February 18, 2017

Chi Fit Introduction – The five agents part I

Chi Fit Introduction – The five agents part II

1-10 Meditation

Sit Stand Move


Pain management

Cultivation I

Cultivation II

Immunity and aging

Myths of aging

Less anxiety and depression

Drug free sleep aid

Life with Hypertension

Stress: a TCM view


Managing Emotions

Be Gold in your Golden years

Seasons of your life