Rent a practice space

You can rent the studio for your own private class in any of the time slots that are open in our schedule.

What is available?

We have two practice spaces available for rent.

  1. We have a large practice space of 34 feet by 17 feet.  This space comfortably holds 14 yoga students.
  2. We have a small practice space of 18 feet by 10 feet.  This space holds 7 yoga students.

What equipment is available?

We have a variety of yoga props available for use

  • foam blocks
  • bricks
  • belts
  • bolsters
  • pillows
  • blankets
  • yoga mats
  • eye pillows

What is the Rate?

The cost is $40 / hour for an individual practice space.   After the first hour the rate is based on the quarter hour.  For example a rental of 90 minutes is $60.

How to arrange for the rental

Call the studio at 902-404-9642 or email jack (at) sunriseyoga dot ca



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