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You can attend all the regular classes in a month that you can fit in for one low price.

Elizabeth is looking for all of the evenings and weekends that she can fit in a yoga class on her calendar. So far she has found 15 times when she can go to a yoga class at Sunrise Yoga over the next 30 days.

Alice is aghast. “Elizabeth” she exclaims “That will cost you more than $200! How can you afford that?”

Elizabeth tells Alice that she is taking advantage of the First Month Unlimited pass card at Sunrise Yoga Studio. She can attend as many class in the next 30 days as she wants at no extra cost.

What is the First Month Unlimited Pass Card

You have an option when you start taking yoga classes at Sunrise Yoga Studio to buy a one month unlimited pass card for less than half of the six month unlimited pass card monthly rate. This card will let you attend as many classes as you want during your first month at the studio.

The first month is not a calendar month rather it is 30 days.  If you started on the 10th of May your First Month card is valid until the 10th of June.

How does it work

Once you buy the First Month Unlimited pass card you can attend any of our regular classes at the studio.

Our Introduction to Yoga classes, workshops and monthly karma classes are not included in the First Month Unlimited pass card.  These classes and workshops are not included in our regular pass cards either.

Why should you buy a First Month Unlimited pass card

There are several things you can do when you take advantage of the First month unlimited pass card.

  • You can check out a teacher and a class without worrying about wasting your money and the limited number of classes on your 5x or 10x pass card.
  • You can check out all of the classes and teachers at the studio without worrying about spending a large amount of money. At Sunrise Yoga we have 9 teachers and a very wide variety of classes available each week.
  • You can find out which evenings work best for you.
  • You can find out which classes and teachers you like the best.
  • You can find out how many classes a week you would like to attend.
  • Your check-in to the class is faster. You do not need to find your 5x or 10x pass card and mark off the class each time you take a class.
  • By the end of the 30 days you will have established a habit of attending several yoga classes a week.

Who is eligible

There are three ways that you can become eligible for the First Month Unlimited pass card.

  1. You are new to the studio and have never attended classes here before.
  2. You have completed the Introduction to Yoga course.
  3. You are a previous member of Sunrise Yoga and you have not been to a class for two years or more.

Next Steps

Talk to your teacher after your first class and tell them that you would like to buy this pass card. The teacher will make sure that you qualify based on the criteria above and then you can pay for the pass card with either cash, cheque, debit or credit card.

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