Winter Solstice Sale

Winter Solstice is coming on December 21.

The Winter Solstice is coming on December 21.  In preparation for that astronomical event we are having a sale.

Here’s the offer

The Annual unlimited membership is on sale for $980. The regular price is $1150.

This means that you get 12 months of yoga for the price of 8 months at the regular monthly payment of $120. You can attend as many classes during the week as you can possibly fit in. Workshops are extra.

And now here is what makes this a truly astronomical event.

Premium Option

In addition to the 12 months of yoga you can add on a Manduka Prolilte yoga mat for an additional $40. This is a premiere yoga mat that comes with a life time guarantee. The regular price for this yoga mat is $105.

I have been using my Manduka yoga mat for more than 15 years without any signs of wear. It provides a firm non slip surface for a safe and comfortable yoga practice.

But I already have a 5x or 10x pass card

You can buy your annual unlimited membership now and have it start when your current pass card is finished.

I have an unlimited membership now. Can I take advantage of this offer?

Yes! You can buy this special offer now and add the months on to your existing unlimited membership.

 A few testimonials from our members

 A Friendly,Comfortable and Fun place to Belong

I began yoga as a source of exercise about one year ago here at Sunrise Yoga. I had always been involved in other sources of exercise mostly gym type atmosphere but was looking to get excited about a program I was involved in and the gym was not doing that anymore for me.

Having gone through deaths in my close family and working , I was wearing out mentally and physically so thought yoga might help me find a balance in those areas.

As I began the introduction to yoga class one statement that stood out for me from the teacher at that time was “Your body can be your total gym”, when in poses you use all your muscle groups and create the resistance with your own body .. and the stronger I was getting the more I could see this statement ringing true and was inspired to continue.

Joy Beaton

 I feel better!

Jack, in your brochure you promise an increase in flexibility and a reduction in stress and weight.

I am happy to tell you that it works as promised. It has been just over six months since I began a regular and frequent ashtanga yoga practice.

When I wandered into Sunrise Yoga I had no idea what I was going to experience. I was sure it had to beat the way I looked, felt and moved. I have multiple chemical sensitivity, (it used to be called Environmental Illness), and was in the middle of a series of Intravenous Treatments and receiving regular acupuncture treatments and massage therapy.

Hugh dEntremont

[Hugh has been attending classes for 5 years now. His multiple chemical sensitivity is under control as long as he continues his six day a week yoga practice. No more intravenous treatments.]

 Yoga helped heal my running injuries

I have always been an avid runner. Last winter, I suffered a mild hamstring injury and started looking for alternative ways to cross train. I participated in a number of different Yoga classes before I discovered Sunrise Yoga Studio.

I must say, I love Jack’s Ashtanga Yoga classes. They are fun, encouraging, welcoming to people of many different fitness levels and can be as challenging or as undemanding as you would like them to be or as your body dictates them to be.

Lorie Collins

The details

Yes, I am ready to take advantage of the Winter Solstice Sale

What you get Regular Premium
12 months of Yoga
($1150 regular price)
$980 $980
Manduka Prolite yoga mat
($105 regular price)
Total $980 $1020

Important Notes:

  • There is a total of three Winter Solstice specials available.
  • The sale ends at midnight 07 December 2017.

How to take advantage of this sale

  1. Pick the option you are interested in.
  2. Send an email to letting me know that you are interested before midnight December 7.
  3. Tell me when you want the 12 month period to start.
  4. Come in and pick out the colour of yoga mat that you want from the ones that we have in stock.
  5. Pay for your Annual unlimited membership and your Prolite yoga mat using, cash, credit, debit, cheque or promises.

Remember this sale ends on Thursday 7 December at midnight and there are only 3 of them available.


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