Group Purchase

What we did


Do a group purchase with us and avoid: shipping cost, custom duties and waiting for delivery at home.

In June 2012 we did a group purchase from Manduka.  This is how it worked.

  • Members of Sunrise Yoga went to the Manduka website and selected items that they were interested in purchasing.
  • They sent me an email with the link to the item and told me the color and quantity that they wanted.
  • After a certain date I placed a group order with Manduka.
  • When the shipment arrived the members picked up their items at the studio and paid the price displayed on the website + HST and any exchange from US dollars to CDN dollars.

We brought in over $1200 worth of merchandise.

Why you should take part in the Group Purchase

  • No shipping costs
  • No dealing with customs
  • No waiting at home for the delivery
  • Pickup your purchase the next time you come to the studio
  • Flexible payment options. (Cheque, Cash, Debit, Credit card, Promises)

The next Group Purchase

We organize a group purchase with one of our online suppliers when there is enough demand expressed by our members.

What you need to do

Check out the website and find out what you would like to get for yourself or for a friend.

Send an email to with a link to the webpage, and tell me the quanity and colour that you want.

The studio will take care of ordering and receiving the shipment from the vendor.

Once the order arrives, I will send you an email to let your know that your stuff is here and you come in to the studio pick it up and pay for it.