Yoga for Every BODY

Yoga for Every BODY will open your heart and build your self-awareness, self-esteem, and reduce anxiety in a friendly and non-competitive way.

This class will be your time to develop a true appreciation for your body, your abilities and to relax and nurture yourself.

Some of the benefits you will get from taking this class are:

  • Accepting and Appreciating one’s Body and Authentic Self
  • Building Flexibility
  • Building Strength
  • Observation of your yoga practice without judgement
  • Silencing or softening obsessive thinking through breath, meditation and yoga.
  • Finding Joy in the Authentic Self
  • Building confidence with Hatha yoga

Each class will begin with a gentle meditation, a series of lengthy warms ups to ensure we avoid injury, moving through a series to support your back, learning new postures and flows, and a cool down time then finishing up with a full body relaxation (savasana).

This class is an open door invitation to all of you that don’t feel quite comfortable at the gym or at a large yoga studio, but want to be more active.

Beginners and intermediate yoga students are welcome.

Each class will follow this general order:

  • meditation
  • centering
  • stretching
  • postures – 30 minutes
  • savasana

Large bodies, small bodies, tall bodies, short bodies, round bodies, thin bodies, bent bodies, straight bodies are all welcome at this class.

Bring your body to this class and you will be glad that you did.