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Jack Godfrey

Jack Godfrey

I was at a Yoga Atlantic meeting in September 2003 when I happened to walk past Stephanie Laidlaw (whom I had not met yet) while she was taking to her teacher. She asked her teacher if she knew of any yoga teachers in the Dartmouth area that were interested in setting up a yoga studio.

At the time there were no dedicated yoga studios in Dartmouth and we were tired of going across the bridge to Halifax to take yoga classes in a studio there. The choices available in Dartmouth were either church basements, sports or fitness facilities. These spaces were generally too cold and not very suitable for a yoga practice.

I was also interested in starting a yoga studio in Dartmouth. I turned around and introduced myself to Stephanie and we immediately started talking about the possibilities of establishing a yoga studio in Dartmouth.

A year later after much discussion and the birth of a baby (Stephanie’s) we started our search for a suitable space. We found our current space after six months of searching. We opened our doors to the public in September of 2004.

Stephanie left the studio a couple of years later and continues to teach yoga in the Dartmouth area.