Partner Yoga Workshop

This workshop has been cancelled

partner yoga

Partner yoga presents many unique poses for you and your friend.

Healing Partner Yoga: Making contact for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Growth

Join Leanne Wierzbicki of Breathe Live Believe Green Yoga & Spiritual Sangha at Sunrise Yoga Dartmouth for an all level partner Yoga workshop!

Play. Trust. Heal.The workshop will begin with a group introduction and centering and grounding, moving through a full series of partner asanas (postures) that are accessible to all levels of students and satisfy moving the body in all 6 directions for a complete physical practice, and conclude with a group healing and shavasana.This will be an OMazing experience and you will walk away with some new skills and tools to use in your Yoga and holistic wellness toolkit!

Investment: $30 (through Sunrise Yoga)

Where:  Sunrise Yoga,  505 – 73 Tacoma Drive

When: Sunday 17 March 2013 from 2 to 4 pm

Registration: Pre-registration is required.  Send an email to to reserve your spot.

*There is no need to come with a partner! Although, we encourage you to tell and bring all your friends/family!Om Shanti Om