Kung Fu

What is Wing Chun Gung-Fu (Kung-Fu)?

Kenton Sefcik demonstrating Wing Chun the style of Kuing Fu that Bruce Lee first learned.

Kenton Sefcik demonstrating Wing Chun the style of Kung Fu that Bruce Lee learned.

Wing Chun is a close-quarter combat system based on principles instead of techniques. As with most Gung-Fu, it relies on whole-body structure to generate power.

 Did Bruce Lee learn Wing Chun?

Yes! Bruce Lee learned from Ip Man before moving to the USA to form his own martial art of Jeet Kune Do. I trace my lineage through Ip Man as well.

 What will I learn?

You will learn the entire system quite traditionally. What this means is that the system will be taught from front to back starting with traditional forms, San Sik (Solo Drills) and, well known to the style, Chi Sau (Sticking Hands). Following this path lays the foundation and builds upon it.

 Will I get hit?

Sparring is always optional; however, there IS minimal contact during drill-play that is important to instill confidence for both parties training together.

 What should I bring?

Wear comfortable clothing. Indoor-only shoes are mandatory. Water is recommended.

What will it cost?

Kenton is not charging for his teaching.  There is a charge of $40 per month per student for the use of the practice space at Sunrise Yoga Studio.

 About the instructor

Kenton Sefcik, R.Ac is a Registered Acupuncturist, published author and has been training in Gung-Fu since 1994. He likes to combine his passion for mind-setting/language, healing and physical expression to create a unique learning experience.

You can find out more about Kenton at savagegungfu.com